Amplifier Services
The nature of our business in amplifier building lends itself well to restoring existing vintage amplifiers to their former glory.  We have done restoration work to thousands of vintage amplifiers ranging from Fender, Marshall, Vox, Gibson, Ampeg and others.  We keep an extensive selection of parts in stock and go to great lengths to find the most appropriate replacements necessary to facilitate your restoration.  When you send your treasured amplifier to us, rest assured that it is in the best of hands!  Please email Michael Clark directly or call Clark Amplification to make arrangements for your restoration project.  
So you’re thinking of blackfacing a silverface?  Maybe choosing and installing the best master volume for your needs?  Do you want a bias pot to bias your amp quicker and easier?  The list of possible amp modifications is endless.  No job is beyond us and we can help you get that tone you hear in your head.  Please email Michael Clark for details or call Clark Amplification directly.  Know in advance that we will not drill holes into valuable historic vintage amps so please, don’t ask!
Maintenance and Repair:
Clark Amplification has a fully equipped service facility capable of doing all kinds of maintenance and repair work.  We can do anything from a simple tube replacement and cap job to advanced troubleshooting. Please email Michael Clark for details or call us directly.
Service Rates:
Our standard shop rate for all the above services is a very reasonable $100 USD per hour. The costs of shipping and receiving are the sole responsibility of the customer.