Customer Testimonials
Clark Beaufort
Got the Beaufort yesterday - It sounds even *better* than I was expecting - and it is not even broken-in yet. Interesting side note: now that I know how good this amp model can sound, I realize that the used Beaufort I bought from the gentleman in Palm Springs needs new tubes.
I was just going to test the new amp yesterday for a few minutes... it sounded so good, that I wound up playing for almost two hours. 
I have been auditioning new amps for years, and not found anything I liked until now - and now I own *two* Clark amps.  Your complete dedication to making excellent amps is genuinely appreciated.  You really do singularly outstanding work.
With highest regards,
Happy Clark Customer
Ten years ago I bought a used amp at Freddy's guitars in St Louis. Had never heard of Clark amps, just liked the looks and the tone, and it had tube driven spring reverb, so I bought it. I have a Bad Cat, a Star, vintage Fenders, Victoria, and I keep coming back to your amp, the others are collecting dust. I just wanted to thank you for this amp, thats it........ James
Clark Beaufort Reverb (Black Face)
Hey Michael,
I've been playing guitar for over 35 years, I've had a plethora of amps (too many to name) over this period. I can honestly say that my Beaufort Reverb is unequivocally the best amp I've ever owned! Recently, I had the opportunity to A/B it with a vintage Fender Deluxe Reverb, truth be told, I felt bad for the owner of this amp, my Beaufort Reverb absolutely destroyed it! The Beaufort Reverb is worth every dime, I would replace it in a heartbeat if it ever came to that. Thank you for building such a wonderful amp!
Anthony G.
Clark Beaufort (Premium)
Mr. Clark,
I just wanted to let you know my Clark Beaufort Premium I purchased a few years ago only gets better with age. I have a modest collection of Tweed amps but none gets as much playing time as my beloved Clark Beaufort. Thanks again for your dedication to building the finest 5E3 currently available. I've tried many other 5E3 amps and the Clark is still #1.
Dennis Belon
Clark Beaufort
Hey Ya'll,
I've had my Beaufort for a couple years now. I play the ... out of it, never a problem. I thought long and hard about this amp before buying it, I had friends telling me I was nuts for buying an amp they'd never heard of. But I had heard one and it was great sounding, the best I'd heard. So I ordered one, and I couldn't have asked for more. I got the chance to do an A/B with a new fender tweed deluxe. Everyone agreed it didn't hold up to my CLARK. So I just wanted you to know I'm still kickin', still pickin', and still love my amp!
Clark Beaufort
The Beaufort arrived safely today...thank you...
I've been playing guitar for about 25 years (though I'm still awful), and I can honestly say that this is the best amp I have EVER heard!!!!! It is simply phenomenal!! I can't believe the range of tones from this amp, and they ALL sound good!!! I don't think I will ever buy another overdrive/distortion pedal again.
The cabinet is just gorgeous too! Is this is the standard Mojo cab??? It looks really nicely aged. (Note from Michael Clark: We do not use Mojo cabinets! All cabs are hand built in house).
It's funny because I was just remarking to a friend that I've been loving the tone from the Deluxe Reverb (totally rebuilt by Clark), and I couldn't imagine how the Beaufort could top it, but now I have two absolutely killer amps! I'm going to use an A/B switcher so I can jump from one to the other, as I really will be torn as to which one to play from now on.
I have a feeling that my 50W Marshall "plexi" is going to become a lonely piece of furniture......
Best regards,